Spray Foam

Spray Foam Insulation

Simply put, it's the best way to insulate your home. Spray foam insulation is an expandable foam that creates a gap-free airtight envelope in your home.

Spray foam insulation is uncompromised by external forces, such as temperature and wind. Fibre Insulations (such as Fibreglass, Cellulose, and Rockwool) merely slow down convection which accounts for 80% of heat loss.

As the temperature drops Fibre insulation loose their overall effectiveness. Spray foam insulation is an air-tight barrier, creating a continuous seal on your home. Spray foam insulation is a Thermal Insulation and Air Barrier

Blown Insulation

Blown-In Insulation

A less expensive way to increase the R value and energy efficiency of your attic. Zerodraft Alberta specializes in the diagnosis of roof and attic problems. Once discovered, the energy efficiency and performance of your home can be greatly increased.

Zerodraft Alberta supplies and installs both Cellulose and Fiberglass insulation to specified R values to all types of buildings. We can often add more of this product over your existing material to 'top up' your insulation factor.

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Water Proofing

Do you have a serious condensation problem from your ceiling or attic? Moisture and damp issues can greatly affect the comfort and value of your home.

Zerodraft Alberta comes in and does an inspection of the home and determines where your issues may or may not be. Sometimes it can as simple as a dryer vent not hooked up, or it can be as complicated not having any ventilation in your attic (causing severe moisture problems in your home).

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Home & Wall Soundproofing

Soundproofing can reduce sound between rooms in your home or improve your home theatre/media room. Zerodraft Alberta can greatly increase the absorption and reduction of sound within your home. Isolate sound in your home for improved comfort.

It is important to know that soundproofing requires extensive work to the walls (and sometimes floors). It is always easier to soundproof your home while it is being built. If your home is finished, this might require a significant renovation.


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